Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Directions lead to new Passions

My analytical mind is always in over drive and today is no exception.  As I read the daily meditation for this day I was again greeted with subtle annoyance.  It seems that the authors picked a topic for the week or even month and exhausted every possible avenue of understanding around that concept.  I can respect the reasoning behind this as it helps people truly grasp the meaning by presenting it in different ways.  However I feel like I am writing the same thing over and over again.

Two things I can take from this.  My perception is limited to my own understanding and there for I can only write from that perspective.  A challenge would be to think out side of the box and think of a new way to present the same findings within my life as they have done with presenting the concepts in new ways.  Or I can take that for the entire book there really is only 10 to 12 different teachings presented in a multitude of ways and within 6 months of working with this daily meditation I will be clawing my eye's out of their sockets.

Maybe its time to revisit my plan of sticking with this daily meditation book.  As I grow I am quickly changing into the person I was pre addiction yet feel even better about who I am becoming.   The anonymous program has given me a new life and for that I am entirely grateful for.  I see how many.... many programs I have worked in my past all had that same ability I just wasn't ready for them or they were not suited for me.  Much like the daily meditation, it takes many ways of saying something for a person to grasp the concept.   It took many different programs for me to finally grasp that I was not connected to my higher power and needed to deal with my shit.

I have successfully grasped the program of recovery and maybe now its time for me to begin writing for a larger audience.   The 30 hits I get each day thrills me beyond words, that has hit a plateau however and I am still seeking growth.   Keeping myself moving out of my comfort zone is key to keeping my mind healthy.... as exercise is for the health of the body.   Lately my writings here have left me feeling less then stellar about the content.  I am losing some passion for the topics for which I write.  That is not a good thing.   Maybe it is time to move in to my life passions and let go of my passion for recovery.

I will always attend my home group.  I will keep in contact with my support group everyday.  I will work the steps, traditions and eventually the concepts in my life every day.  I will continue to be available for service to the new comers and carry the message to the addict who still suffers.  Which all of the above stated will keep me clean and on the path to my highest good.  I will stay hooked in to my fellowship.  Community is Key in this new Aquarian age.

Following the path to my highest good is what shall be the focus from now on.  I have witnessed far to many people fall into the life long counselling trap, unable to move away from their painful pasts. Finding safety and comfort within the walls of their trusted counsellor.  Stagnation and depression taking over where excitement and hope once resided.   I was one of them for a very long time.  I have known  many people get so involved in a fellowship only to burn themselves out and lose passion for life, I was almost one of them.  I am learning by watching the people within my fellowship, support group and family on how to find balance between all area's of my life.

So now the hunt begins for a new meditation book to guide these topics and take us both in a new direction!!  How exciting!!  Send your thought vibes my way and over the next few days I will receive and process them!!  I love embarking on new paths on my life's journey.  Always wondering what treasures I will find along the way.

See you tomorrow.... who knows what the topic will be!!  Oh the sheer wildness of it all!!

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