Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Sun is Coming Back!!

Today is The first day of the Calender Year.  2014 has arrived.  We are still alive, not Zombies yet.  When I was  child I really thought by 2020 this world would be a charred ball of nothingness.  I guess we really have begun to bring about the change we want to see.

In the Witches Calender the New Year begins at Samhain/Halloween.  Its when the final harvest is reaped and the world goes into silence.  Withdrawing our energies internally to restore ourselves from a busy summer.  It is from then until the Winter Solstice that we internalize ourselves.

Going within to see what worked last year.  What didn't work.  What and how we are going to make the changes for the next growing season.  We spend these months in deep reflection about ourselves.  Not everyone is in sync with the seasons cycles yet, but for those who are getting there, you probably felt a bit more self reflective.  If you didn't like what you saw, you may have been a bit moody.... like I was.

I have been very uncomfortable this past season.  Awareness galore on who I  am, who I was and who I want to become.  Waking up to all those realizations is not an easy process for me.  I am sure as you have already gathered from my bumpy blog. Before I get into the personal meat of my needed changes let me continue with the cycle lest I get lost and forget to finish off the meaning of this post.

When the season changes at the Winter Solstice the Sun is welcomed back into our worlds.  You see at the summer solstice when everyone is happy and productive the sun begins to die.  Our days get shorter from that solstice till now.  Things slow down, the world begins to slow to an almost stop, from our calender mid summer till now.  But now, oh now.... The sun is coming back!!  Our days are getting longer!  Our world is waking up again!!

I get confused why there is not a slight bit more mourning at the Summer Solstice and not a more Joyous celebration at the Winter one. Maybe we didn't realize that Christmas is that celebration.  Jesus is born, the sun is coming back.  The gifts we share are ways of encouraging that God to bring abundance into our lives this coming year.  To bless our seeds and Shine brightly upon our manifestations this year.  I always find new respect for the christian Gods, they never stole our pagan ways, they hid them and kept them safe till the time was right to bring them out again.

Whether you believe in the reality of the Sun and Moon or the deities of the popular religions, this is the time of the year to begin the planning process towards your goals to be made manifest this summer.  I was going to go into my personal process here but I think I will save that for another post because I have some plans to work out first.

What is it you want to change in your reality?  How did you use your energy from Samhain till  now?  For the next few months where do you want to place your energy, what rewards do you want to reap come next fall?  With the Calender year falling on a New moon, the energy of  successful change is more then abundant for you.  If you really desire it and you have created the understanding that you truly deserve it, then nothing will stop you this 2014 from achieving it.

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