Saturday, September 26, 2015


Well this is better.   I have moved my computer to a location I can sit comfortably and write.  I miss writing.  My platform and where I promote it is shifting however.  I used to write for my family and friends on facebook.  However this caused some unease for me as I write some pretty personal stuff about myself and my family in these pages.  But I don't know any other way to market my writing.

I want to share my story in the a way that takes the reader on a journey through the trials and tribulations with me.  But my path keeps shifting and taking on different avenues and down back streets that what once a reader was comfortable with now they are not.  How do I change and keep my support group with me?

When I started this blog it was definitely drug recovery focused.  As that shifted away from my trails I hid all my Narcotics anonymous posts.  But I don't feel right about that because it has been a pivitol part of my journey.  Yet my support group from that time era has moved out of my scope of vision as I no longer adhere to the strict rules that the fellowship holds themselves too.  So I feel like a hypocrite.

Keeping my family in the loop of my recovery was okay until I began to unearth the childhood traumas that brought me to the sick cycles I am looping now in my life.  Its uncomfortable speaking about how much I hate my mother when I know she reads my blog.  Because In truth I don't hate her but in this point of history I really need to hate her to express the feelings that keep finding dope as the only way to release.

So how then do I market this blog?   I have hit over ten thousand reads and have had many personal comments about my journey but that's not what I am looking for.   I want to have more interaction with people in general on this platform.  I need a new support group and finding it in the physical in my small northern city is not an option at this point.   I need to move into this new era of online support.

So I am going to once again revamp my blog.  My focus more on detox and living in the void.  Sharing my experience of what happens when I enter into the void.   A new look and new pages and researching new markets to launch myself from.   Its time for me to enter into a new era of my healing journey and invite new people along with me.

Its a refresh stage!

Please I invite you to comment below.   If you have been reading my posts up till now, let me know I would love to hear from you.

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