Sunday, December 1, 2013

How the Moon effects our Emotions

The last of the waning moon in Scorpio is definitely having it's effects on my mood this weekend.   I feel sad and nostalgic.  I find myself brooding about the things in my life that I can't have.   I choose not to have, but still  find myself brooding about them.  I find that I have a darker outlook about little things that are occurring around me.

Today I was up at 4am ready to remove the 2 centimeters of snow that the weather network was forecasting  would have fallen by now.  Getting a jump start on the massive dump headed our way.  But there was no snow on my work truck when I looked out.  Kinda disappointed about that.  My normal view would be to enjoy the extra few hours sleep and no work for today.... but in my Scorpio broodiness I am annoyed.

My new awareness is forming in the realms of emotional connections to the universe around us.  Everything ebbs and flows with the phase of the moon.  The moon directly relates to the movement of the oceans.  'Go with the flow' is a descendant catch phrase of this moon/ocean connection.  Without my body being clogged with sleeper toxins I find that I am subjected more to this flow.  I think it's this out of control emotional feeling that has me always pounding back the cheesecake.

Understanding, for me, is key to unlocking that control center of mine.  When I can have at least a glimpse of knowledge about the whys of something then I am much better at allowing it to just unfold.

I have always been aware of the moon.  I live by her phases and have a shred of knowing about her signs.  It hasn't been until this very weekend though that I can now feel her deeply within me.  Knowing that the waning of her power, in the astrological sign of death( not as harsh as it sounds when you know what death really is), only creates this same lack of power within myself around the things that are moving out of my life.  The moon in this phase is giving me one last glimpse at what is about to be removed entirely.  Sometimes people hold on to this and struggle through another cycle.... I normally hold on and struggle through.

I am feeling most sadly about my single-hood today.  Everywhere I look it seems I see happy couples.  Sex sells product.  Romance is on every billboard, TV, Internet and book cover I come across.  It's prominent talk in many of my friends lives and even in my eldest daughters.  It's everywhere.  It seems people are happiest when in a romantic relationships.  Well that's not entirely true, but when your longing, that's what you see.

I am ready to let that go in my life for awhile. Truly I am.   I am choosing to focus on building a career for myself, as well as raising my daughters well.  I need to become the type of woman that will attract the super rich hottie that I am seeking.  It will take time, and many trips to the gym and spa!!

I am truly excited about my path, Scorpio is just giving me a few days to mourn the sacrifice of what I must give up in that time.  I used to fight this and spend these days creeping facebook pages for contact info on my last conquests.  Thinking it was time for one last rendezvous.  This is the sign I would rebel against the most because it was asking me to just sit... just sit, in the shit.   Terribly hard for me to do when I know a million ways to get out of it.

It also helps that I know the Moon is New in Sagittarius tomorrow.  A glorious sign of philosophy!!  The moon also being in the phase of beginnings means one thing for me.  I am gonna work the energy in my favor to embark on a new spiritual pursuit that will keep me in my glory bubble for the rest of this month!

Let me start that glory bubble now by reminding myself of the phases and the signs of the Moon.

The Moon travels across the night sky in a pattern each month.  Starting with the New Moon or Dark Moon.  Right now I feel we are experiencing the Dark Moon.  Tomorrow into the New Moon.  The New Moon then moves into the Waxing Moon.  The Waxing moon is when she grows bigger and is full of anticipation.  The Full Moon blooms in her full power half way through the cycle.  My mistake as a magical practitioner in the the past was to believe the Moon phase ended here.  It however continues with the Waning phase.  The Waning phase is where the Moon receded her light until she is Dark and then New again.  This starting the whole cycle over again.


New:  It's time to start new projects.  To make goals.  To embark on a Journey.  To take that first step.  To bring freshness back to something your not ready to let go of.

Waxing(growing bigger): It's during this week that you will want to draw things to you.  Pull energy towards you that you need to develop that new project.  Time to receive.  Time to ask for, to pray for. To to expand on an idea.  Time to go forth fearlessly.  Confidence grows at this time.

Full: What you have created at the new moon, for good or ill will shine brightly now.  In full power you will see everything clearly.  Time to enjoy the fruits of your labors thus far.  Time to evaluate what is working and what is not.  Time to face your shadows.  Tremendous power is available at this time.  Best time to work much magic.

Waning(growing smaller): Remove undesired energies from your life. Time to give. Time to go within and be silent.  Time to meditate.  Time to reflect. Time to detox.   It is at this time that we learn to be comfortable in the darkening.

Dark: For the day before the New moon (today) learn to sit in the darkness.  Embrace the void. Be comfortable in the void. Learn to love the void.


Aries:  Full of fire this is a creative and passionate sign.  Much get up and go here.  You may feel restless and impatient during this signs reign on the moon.  Creative planning is a good activity at this time, goal setting, intention setting.

Taurus:  A sensual sign all about the senses.  This sign is about experiencing all the goodness of this planet.  Good food, great sex, gardening, getting a message.  Anything that puts your senses to good use is what this sign is about.  Great grounding energy here.  Habitual habits will be displayed here, for good or ill.

Gemini:  Communication, mental skills, verbal skills. Journal, blog or write a letter in this energy. Social life may be prominent when Gemini graces the sky.  Reading, writing, and researching are all the domains of Gemini.  Meeting new people.

Cancer:  By far my favorite sign aside from my own.  This sign is the ruling sign of the moon, so much power here.  Family and home life are favored.  When the moon is in her own sign you will more then likely want to stay home or go visit family.  A good home cooked meal.  Strengthening relationships.  Deep feelings. Might feel pouty during this moon.

Leo:   Me, Me, Me.  This sign is all about self.  Great time to work with your inner child and bring playfulness to your world.  Feeling self centered.  Honor your gifts and talents. Entertain.  Self confidence.  Any kind of self improvement is good during this sign but beware of feeling selfish.

Virgo: (my favorite sign)  Service to others.  Connection to the earth. Attention to detail.  Analytical.  This moon phase is great for getting back on track with your health regime.  Where Aries is great start up energy, Virgo is the carry through of that energy.  Staying power.

Libra: Partnership and working with others is favored here.  Romance and beauty.  Setting priorities and finding balance.  Embark on an artistic project.  This is a soft non confrontational energy.  Relaxed bordering on Lazy.

Scorpio:  (where we are today) Feelings can be intense during this sign.  Moving the things out of your life that no longer serve you.  Accessing your ancestors wisdom.  Death and letting go.  Loyalties.  Transforming negative emotions.  This energy is deep.

Sagittarius:  Imagination.  Adventure and exploration.  Philosophical pursuits.  Light those social and creative fires.  Play!!  Law and improvements.  I love how this energy marries fun with the can be too serious natures of law and religion.

Capricorn: This is a solid sign of foundations.  Motivation to get the job done.  Develop projects, plan for the future.  Patience and perseverance.  Every Cap I know is fabulous with their finances.  Money spells here would be best.

Aquarius:  Group and community concerns.  Social butterfly energy.  Intelligence and enlightenment.  Beware of nervous energy.  Revolutionary, progressive and out of the box thinking.  Invent something during this energy.

Pisces:  Emotional and dreamy. The energy of the twelve sign is Transcendence.  Dragonfly energy.  Meditation, direct connection to spirit.   Escapism is the unhealthy flip-side.  Over indulgence in mood altering drugs.

Those are just a quick run through of the signs.  Just enough to wet your whistle.  Some signs I have tremendous experience with and others know literally nothing about.

My goal now that I have spent so much time in this page today will be to actually pay more attention to my feelings during these moon phases and signs.  That is the intent I will set during my ritual work tomorrow on the crowning of the New Moon.

Here is a list of the moon phases and signs for the next week until I get back here again.

12.2.13-New Moon in Sagittarius
12.3.13-Waxing Moon in Sagittarius
12.4.13-Waxing Moon in Capricorn
12.5.13-Waxing Moon in Capricorn
12.6.13-Waxing Moon in Aquarius
12.7.13-Waxing Moon in Aquarius
12.8.13-Waxing Moon in Pisces

Happy Trails to you My friends!!

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