Saturday, March 1, 2014

What You Think, You Are.

What we put our focus on persists.  This I have been learning in my Hypnotherapy course.  I say learning but really it has brought an awareness to an experience I have already had many times over.

I am sick with a terrible cold.  I have had this cold for well over three weeks.  I never gets colds or flu's, or better said I never allow myself to get sick.  So I have been kinda head scratching as to why I have let this one get so out of control.  I know the power of the mind and I fully take responsibility for my part in this cold developing as such.

Every morning I wake up my first thought is.... oh this stupid cold is still here.   When I go to bed my last thought of the day is... I hope this cold will let me sleep.  Through out the day My thoughts are... I hate my job and I am feeling sick so I should go home and rest.

All day long I am putting my attention on my cold.  I have learned in the past whatever I put my attention on grows.  When I used to be in weight loss kicks and I put my attention on not gaining weight I always seemed to plateau the scale.  It took me a very long time to move my attention away from weight loss and put it towards loving my body as it is and letting the magic of Love take the weight off.  Instead of the self loathing of eating the wrong foods.

It has always been easy to focus my attention in a positive manner where my work is concerned.  I am an ambitious woman so I am always thinking about my next step.  My careers have always moved at a rapid fire pace.  I say careers cause I am always changing them.   lol  But even in this area recently I have slowed down.  I am in  job I don't so much like anymore.  However I have a 3 year game plan that will put me into the career of my dreams and for that I am trying to be excited.

It's not working though because my thoughts are in the present moment and in this moment I am not happy with where my life is.  So how do I change my thoughts around so that I can turn this cold around?

This is the field I want to master my life's work in, I had better start working on mastering it in myself first.  Change your thoughts.  Change your life.  The point of Power is NOW.   Those are two fundamental truths that I do fully accept yet am struggling to practice.

I want to dive head first into a sob story about why I am keeping myself sick and all the human trauma's that I have endured that make it acceptable for me to play in a puddle of pity.  Although its not becoming of me anymore.  We are not sad stories meant to be rehashed over and over again.  We have incredible personalities and gifts born out of our experiences through life.  I am grateful today for my experiences, all of them.  I am who I am today because of each and every one of those good times and bad times of my past and to be fully truthful, I really do love who I am becoming.  So no sob story here.

What we put focus on manifests.  Simple.

We live in a universe that reacts to our thoughts.  Change your thoughts and your outer world follows suit.  It's time that my thoughts become healthy and loving again.   How am I going to do this?

Before I even open my eye's in the morning I pattern my first thought around something I want to manifest in my life.  When I go to bed at night my last thoughts are of excitement over that manifestation already starting to develop.  I make sure somewhere in my day I take an active step towards what I want to manifest.  I go into silence Twice a day morning and night and take myself through a deep visualization of what it is I want to achieve.  That is the way I change my thoughts around.

When I look back at all the things I have manifested in my life, it has only been through my continued attention that made them manifest in a way that I wanted them too.  Lots of the times when they did manifest I realized it wasn't what I wanted, but that was part of the process of getting to know myself.  Today i manifest from a deep place of relaxation that I have been able to achieve through practiced meditation.  To work with ones own mind it takes practice and discipline.  The mind is like that of a 13 year old girl....easily distracted and sometimes entirely stubborn.

I share this with you my Love only to remind myself of the actions I need to take to finally get over this cold once and for all.  So send me love and well wishes for full Health the next time I come over for a chat.  As always I love you!

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