Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Chest Infection to The Breath of Life

Oh Love,

 I have battled this cold for over five weeks now.  Yesterday went back to the Dr's and found out it has turned into a chest infection.

Now I cannot stress enough the fact that I never get sick.  Truly I am a healthy active female that takes good care of her health and has a very strong mind when manifesting what I want.  When I feel a sickness lurking in the corners of my energy field I am quick to move my mind away from it.

So how did this one get full access too my life?

Well there is the obvious mundane reasons and their are the deeper spiritual meanings which ones do you want me to spoon in first?

Of course I always eat my desert before my dinner.  Spiritual meaning first.

Chest infection:  hard time breathing:  The breath of life.  This chest infection is restricting my intake of life.

With all the new beliefs I have been entertaining and all the old vibrations shifting out of my life I am  bit of a mess.  I never handle any kind of change with grace.  It doesn't matter if I actively invite the change in.  It doesn't matter if I have been preparing for this change my entire life.  I still kick scream, bite, piss and moan with the theatrics of a toddler in a grocery store.  That is what my chest infection is really about.

My fear of moving into something new and totally foreign to me.  Something exciting and exhilarating.  Moving into new divine energy.  New beliefs.  New situations.  New friends.  Everything around me is so new and exciting.  Its seems only totally natural to go and stick my head in the sand with my legs knocking at the knee's.   Right?

This is how I roll sweetheart, always has been.  Looking back at the past, I see where I have actually kept my head in the sand long enough that the newness passed me by and when I emerged my life was the comfortable old again.  Man, the disappointment in myself in those times was terrible.  I had to wait for the turn of another cycle before I could get the chance again to experience something new and great.

Well here my change is again and I am falling into old habits of running and hiding.  Why do I do that?  It seems so ludicrous doesn't it?

Well in fairness to myself, cause I am human and prefer to be such today, and I am learning to love myself and all my crazy sniffing sand antics... I am aware of it this time.  I believe that being self aware is the first step in truly awakening to all that is.  I am aware in the middle of my cowardly way and now have the chance to change it and flow with the breath of life.

In asking my Greater the consciousness for guidance on rectifying my chest infection I was lead to all the ways I have let my body become deficient in nutrients.  I was kinda shocked to realize I have not been getting nearly enough vitamins lately.  I have been queen of healthy eating for so long that I became complacent and let my fruit and veggie intake slip away to nothing, replaced by sugars and starches.  I knew I was eating more junk but that didn't bother me except that it hid the fact I was starting to replace and not just compliment my nutrition.  Life is about moderation and balance.  Lost my balance in this area.

So I have been taking massive doses of Vitamin C to get the antioxidants I need.  Large doses of Vitamin D as the sun as been all but present and from my summer in the sun days my body is definitely freaking out a bit.  I am on a multi vitamin and a schwack of other health boosting fast acting herbs to jump start my system.  Loaded up on the active enzymes in fresh fruits and veggies and already I am starting the feel my body begin to ease back into comfort.

Learning to live in this world with this body as well as reach new heights in my mind and consciousness is the
new divine path I am working through.  Learning anything new has its challenges and its lessons.  This is one that even though I am still in the middle of I am fairly confident I will pass with flying colors.

I hope you are well Love.  Sending you my new developing vibrations where ever you are in the world.

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