Friday, March 14, 2014

Inner Soul Cleansing

Oh Love,

Do you ever wonder why when you are feeling really awesome people easily flock into your energy field.  Do you notice that when your feeling down people try to avoid you like the plague?   Are you aware of that?   As I forcefully cough out a lung I am going to conclude that I am on the mend.  How do I know this?   Because people are coming around me again.

I have learned so much more about how unlimited the concept is of what we put out to the universe comes back to us threefold among this past 6 weeks of illness.  I have been working on the art of manifestation beyond ten years now and I still conceive there is a whole galaxy of infinite understanding to expand on.

It was two months ago that I was flying high in an amazing energy rush of light, love and happiness.  My meditations were easily reaching realms I had never experienced before and could scarcely understand.  Naturally, it was awesome!  Then I asked my guides to prepare my mind and body for unlimited energy frequencies.  I speculate I got greedy, maybe I asked for too much too soon, the next thing I notice I beleive I am dropped into a very dense third dimensional sickness.

I  felt lost, abandoned and utterly incapable of bringing myself out of this illness.   That lack of control over what was happening to my body was a spiraling factor for me. Obviously, I had not yet discovered that I could react to the changes anyway I chose to but I could not stop or change the changes themselves.  I could not change them cause I had been the one that asked for them.

I perceive, there are truly many layers to my illness in the spiritual realm and there are many very mundane simple peels to it as well.  I love my unlimited reality of excitement and inner (safe) drama so I always choose to naturally focus on the more deep complex reasons for something.

Now I understand that on the mundane level I had the flu turned cold and continued into a bronchial infection.  These illness's mean that I gave into mass societal negativity and was unable to open myself to new thoughts and beliefs and  effectively closed myself off to all flows of energy.   This interpretation truly fits with where I am at in my life because the course I am taking is easily busting open all the ways we continue to be lead as people by the masses.  My awareness has brought it into me and for a time I began to assimilate and consider it for myself.

I repeated that fourth dimensional train of thought for six weeks.  I couldn't get out of it even though I understood what was happening and even what I had to do.  I worked affirmations and had treatments done, powered up on vitamins and herbs.  Still today I am hacking out what feels like my entire internal workings.  Why?

I conclude I am effectively beginning to understand what it means to go with the flow.  I feel I am beginning to expand my awareness through my acceptance, that the only thing I can change is how I react to things.  In the moment, we create with our minds yet those creations do not expand and manifest instantly.  For the most part.  So when a thought from before expands and comes naturally whirling back to us in a form of an experience we only hold power in how to react to it.

I need to contemplate here for my own understanding,  this is all new stuff coming out of my mind.  I speculate my higher conscious is working me through this!  I asked for my body and mind to be able to naturally resonate and hold an unlimited higher frequency of love.  Dear, you have known me for many years, you know that I have a very hard time staying among that love frequency.  Its like my mind cannot assume it for longer then three months.  So by asking for this energy expansion two months ago I must accept the process that is happening within if I wish for it to go smoothly.

I am aware I have not been reacting in kind fashion.  I have been so focused on fourth dimensional love which is the place I struggle to get beyond. I imagine I can only hold it for a short period of time because its a love that is conditional.  I made myself sick by allowing myself to easily get to wrapped up in societal trance.  Thats fourth dimensional thought and experience, it is truly limited.

This is what I conclude from my own meditations, its among my own experience and yours may be much different then this.  I don't pretend to know what your reality expands beyond, sweetheart.

Currently with the help of a beautiful teacher I have in my life I was able to easily step away from that fourth dimension energy and move into the fifth more unlimited, unconditional love vibration.  I realize I am not sick because of society, I am sick because I asked to be cleared of the things in my mind holding me back from truly loving myself and others at a higher frequency then what I was able to in the past.  My forceful coughs are physical purging actions my body needs to go through in order to expel the toxic energy that resides in me and no longer fits with my vibration.

This highest understanding has helped me to actually encourage the coughing fits to continue to the point of puking because with each fit a bit more unconditional love spews out of me clearing space for a new higher energy to take up space there.

I also just became aware of what vibrations and frequencies really are in our bodies.  They are our feelings.  I have spent the past year working diligently on identifying my feelings and understanding them.  I naturally moved into raising my vibrations without truly understanding that I was taking my feelings to a whole new level.  To be stuck in the third dimensional energy is to block your feelings.  To move into fourth is to uncover them and give them expression yet with conditions.  I truly believe as I move into fifth dimensional vibration its to let them flow knowing they are always from a place of love even if they are perceived in duality to be on the more negative spectrum.

Each one of us frequents a vibration whether its something we understand or not.  We all have the path we choose to walk to self understanding and self love.  I have walked many paths before and all of them say the same thing as I understand now.  I am grateful that we have so many ways to proceed in order to learn to love ourselves.

So my love, here is to me vibrating a higher frequency and sending that love to you in pulses!  Until next time...

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