Sunday, September 22, 2013

Harvesting Recovery

Happy Fall Equinox!!

 Mabon Celebration of the Pagan Year.   This is the quarter of the witches wheel that brings us into the reaping of what we have sewn this year.  Full Harvest moon still sharing her full light with us also brings celebrations a plenty!   Tonnes of energy and transformation is available to us all at this time of the year.

 In the olden days this is when our ancestors harvested the food that sustained our tribes for the coming year.  It was a busy back breaking time of year, but it was also a time of freshness and abundance and therefore much happiness and celebration.  Today we get our food from the supermarkets and if we garden its for hobby, so our reaping and sewing has moved to a more inner and personal experience.  Today pagans focus on the goals that bring them the green energy from their jobs that supply the means for the supermarket purchases.

So I ask you, what are you harvesting from your Garden this year??

I have been questioning lots this past week about what I have sewn this year and what I am reaping.  I see much growth in my garden for which I am always grateful and awestruck by and I will share in a moment, but I also have some rotten patches in my garden as well.

As I watch the flowers wilt and the leaves turn brown in my small northern city, I get a bit frustrated at the loss of beauty in the flower bed.  I have to resist the urge to pluck all unsightly foliage off the plants I maintain at work.  An impossible task in the fall, and not one thats entirely advised.  I have a hard time accepting anything unsightly in my physical vision as well as my energetic sight.  Accepting death and decay as a part of life and beauty is a hard concept for me.   I am that white lighter that wants everything pristine and perfect at all times with no negative underflow anywhere.

This time of the year is a perfect mix of marriage like happy celebration and funeral like remembrance celebration.  Funny how this time of the year right up to Samhain/Halloween is my all time favorite times of the year yet I can't stand decay.  Astrology teaches me we are a bundle of contradictions within our own personalities......


.......So moving on from the brief lesson in the pagan calender, I have come to realize a tremendous amount of stuff about myself in the past few weeks.  Thats what I want to share here today.  I am 39 years old and feel like a four month old noticing her fingers attached to her hands for the first time.  Excited at the revelations yet saddened by yet again all the wasted years.

I am finally out of obsession .......again.  I see now that anything that fills my void or distracts me from myself and my higher power becomes an obsessive game for me.  Its that instant feel good that I seek which is truly self abuse hidden in those void filling feelings.  Again my forms of obsession are drugs, food, sex and the emotionally unavailable guy.  lol  See how I have changed that from the bad boy.   I am growing up!

This past month I have been repulsed by drugs when I found my daughters stash.  I have binged and then fasted only to become so disgusted with the ridiculously played out cycle that I have gone back to eating for my body and let go of the obsession around food.  I have been shocked to hear myself gasp when a friend mentioned me bringing a guy home, ....ewe..., and I have effortlessly turned away from an opportunity to travel back down the path of the emotionally unavailable guy.   These have all encouraged the lifting of my obsessions and have free'd up my mind and spirit to pursue higher forms of thought and action.

That is the death and decay in my garden.  I have had a terrible time letting those things go.  This entire blog has been my journey though those obsessions that gripped my mind and kept me sick and asleep.  I have had moments to months of freedom this past year and it was in those clear times that I urgently planted seeds for my return in future months when I knew I would get lost again.  Coming to believe is a great process of sleep and waking to the realities of who you really are..... and thats not the monster you perceive yourself to be.   Thats what obsession tells you.

So now that I am not in that place of low self esteem and self abuse where am I?  What does my garden

Funny how I draw a blank now that I am about to talk about some good positive things about myself.  Why is it so hard for us to talk kindly about ourselves yet so easy to rip ourselves down?  I think for me that when I embrace my light and begin to share it with others, some people get offended and attack it.  I personally feel thats why I have a hard time standing in that.  I also feel somewhat arrogant when I feel that I am good at something, or that I am being true to myself and want to share that.  It's truly not arrogance as I am so easily humbled.  I never forget my place in the cosmic food chain, we are all lights and we all have incredible destinies to embrace.  By sharing my lessons I hope to ignite others to theirs, yet I still find it hard to share the good in my life.  My old blogs were so intensely negative that I lost friends over them because my friends could not stand to see me in so much pain.  I can express that easily.  Love..... not so easily.

Oh I have a recent experience to share.....

My youngest daughter was sharing a situation at school the other day with me in which she had the opportunity to practice some advice I had gifted her a while back.  As she proudly reminded me of what I had taught her she was very grateful for my words of wisdom.  I was humbled and almost moved to tears... I really am teaching my girls something.  My older daughter did her first draft on her budget last week and was astonished at where her money goes, this week we will create a solid budget and I am confident I have the strength to hold her too it when it gets tough for her.  At the beginning of the year I set the intent to focus my energy on raising my daughter well.  In the course of that year my adult daughter moved home to reap that benefit as well.... I never knew my garden could produce that, I am doubly blessed.

Last year at Samhain( Thats when the goals are created for contemplation over the winter), I was on Welfare.  I set the intent that I would find a career path that would be able to support me and my daughter and help us flourish not just survive.  I bought her two pairs of jeans for school equally over two hundred bucks!  I could afford it and she is worth it as she moves into grade 8, the year where peer pressure is the toughest.  I am working with a career counsellor gifted to me from social services to better hone my skills and apply them to a real career that will satisfy not only all my needs but incorporate my Passions into it as well.  I am reaping way more then I sewn last year this time.... I just wanted a job.  Now I have a tan, lost almost 30 pounds and have a savings account.

There are some rough patches in my garden though.  I have had to let go of a few people in my life that i loved and others that I have hurt along the way.  I have had some pretty intense confrontations with people and with some of my own inner demons.  I have had to peel away from the obsessions that I am comfortable with and provided me with security and stability.  That last one in itself was truly what recovery is all about and it is scary as shit to find a new way to live.  It's unstable, like a baby taking her first steps, not without tears.

Confidence is only born out of challenges overcome.... so in a bit of a caddy way I lower my vibration momentarily to give a shout out to all the haters in my world this past year.... thank you for helping me get stronger.

So now as I move out of this year and into my next year I wonder where it will take me.  I truly feel a phase of my life is ending and I have finally broke the cycle of self abuse and self hatred.  I feel that what I have been working on for many years is now finally complete and it is time to change directions and start something new.  I feel like a book with blank pages, a second novel to my completed first.  Empty and completely open to being filled with the abundance of the universe.   I AM FREE.

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