Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bowled Over by Other Peoples Thoughts

Letting other peoples opinions sway me has always been an issue of mine.  I never really understood this as such until very recently.

When someone I respect, or someone that I feel is an authority on a subject makes a comment about me, that comment seems to seep into all the little pockets of my brain.  Like their words hold this magical power to create that comment within me even if it is an inaccurate observation.

I never realized that this was part of my struggle to stand in my own truth.  I am forever believing what others think of me.  Even when what they believe does not resonate with me at all.  People who have lots of experience with a topic of belief are the ones that sway me the most.  Its not that i believe every little waif that strolls in and out of my life.  No it's the ones that other people respect and that are truly women standing in their own powers that creep into my mind and have me second guessing who I am.

It's not like these women mean to knock me over with their opinions.  They are just stating their observations from their perspectives.  I am just coming to learn that any perspective outside myself is a jaded one without all the information.  So there is no way the observation is entirely accurate.  This is me learning how to stand in my own truth.

I have heard it said many times that if something bothers you about something someone says to you, look within to find the reason.  I took that as I am wrong and they are right.  Which I am now seeing is not correct all the time.  Some of the time it indeed is, but some of the time it is actually the opposite.  The opinion that bothers me is the one that I am needing to learn to stand up too.

I am not talking about huge hurtful comments here, I am just making reference to two separate opinions by two totally different women about two completely different topics that both had me pegged inaccurately.  Simple comments but none the less the lesson was not lost on me.  I am slowly learning what my truths are through the comments of others.  I am learning to identify the inner naggings that follow interactions with others that just don't feel right.  I am learning to follow my own light instead of being mindlessly lead by another.

I am seeing how much I am becoming my own person.  How much stronger I am getting in my own confidence not to accept other peoples realities as my own.  I am creating my own reality and I am loving it.  My reality is way more imaginative and enjoyable and for that I am coming to love my life.

I normally don`t post first thing in the morning like this, however I really needed to fire this one off before it got lost in the depth of my over worked mind.  I do have another post thats much more spiritual and I am not sure how it would be received here that I would like to write later tonight, but we will see what spirit has to say about that today.  Have a great day folks!  Stand in the truth of who you are and know that not every comment made by the people you respect are accurate.  Go within for that answer.

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