Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spiritual Laws to Guide Actions

I am  Pagan.

Hello my name is..... and I am grateful recovering Pagan.

That has more of a positive ring for me today.  I don't forget the other ways I have identified myself in the distant past, but today I am on a new path.  I would have identified myself as a Witch or a practicing Wiccan if those two words didn't still elicit some form of controversy from the majority of people.

Pagan is comfortable for me though because it has allowed me to branch out and explore different religions and spiritual paths.  I have great respect for the popular religion of our current time. Jesus has brought some deep truths to the light and has been the most powerful Spiritual leader of all time.  I don't choose to walk that path however because it doesn't resonate with me.  I have tried several times.

I have researched and worked with many paths and each one falls short of the electrical magnetic charge that practicing Wicca gives me.  I have shied away from the path many times for different reasons.  One reason is the faddiness of it, I dislike feeling like I am doing something because everyone else is.  I always like to go against the grain.  The second reason is the sheer power I have experienced through invoking the Goddess's and working spells.  It's funny because I am always seeking my inner power but when I tap it, I run to the corner cowering like a cat who has been frightened by her own shadow.

My current program of magical study has asked me to review the spiritual laws that I live by or strive to live by.  That is what I want to share here.  If you want to learn more about Wicca you may want to look that up on your own or I guess stay tuned to this blog.  I am out of the broom closet now, I am sure I will write more on the topic.

Crow, the Shaman says, means Law.  Crow surrounds me today as I work through my own self laws of daily governing.  The reading of the card speaks of shape shifting and I am reminded of the lesson I am on today about moving from one program to another, shifting from the face of an active addict back to my roots of a Pagan.  Ever being mindful of the slippery slope back to the past.  Moving forward my spiritual laws will keep me tethered to the light.   Where recently nursing the rooms of NA was my connection to the divine.  I am coming to understand we may walk different paths even within the same life.

Through the study of my many spiritual paths I have taken something powerful from each of them.  A friend along my journey had the opinion that taking a bit from here and there was not a full spiritual experience and to be avoided.  I disagree with her.  I think spirituality is very personal and the basic laws apply to everyone regardless if your ready to walk in them or not.  If one were to choose laws that only focus on the light and selfish indulgences, there will be a balance along the way somewhere.  For me it was my dip into drug addiction, where I walked into the Underworld with Inanna.

My Spiritual Laws....

1. 'Bide within the Law you must in perfect Love and perfect Trust'.  Deepak has this as his first 'Law of Pure Potentiality' in his seven laws to success.  This law means tap into you own inner light and realize you are never separated from the source.  Christians believe taking Jesus into their hearts is that pure Love and Trust.  Find your inner light and work daily to keep that relationship healthy.  When you are living from this place of Love on  regular basis all other laws are easy to work.   Live from you Higher Power.

2. Live you must and let Live.  We all have challenges and issues to work through.  Hiding from them is not the Wiccans way.  Face your shadows, the situations that are hard in life.  Set your boundaries, stand up for yourself and others that need your help.  The second part speaks volumes about holding your tongue and reserving your judgments of others.  Lest other people opinions become your business.

3. The Three fold Law of the Wiccan Rede says;   what you put out, comes back to you.  'The Secret' made this world recognized as the Law of Attraction.  Your moods and your thoughts dictate your actions.  Those actions directly effect your reality.  You manifest your reality.  If your sending out shit, that's whats coming back to you.  If you don't like your life right now.... look to the mirror for the reason.  If you love your life right now... Yay, your doing something that works for you, keep doing it.

4.  Self Honesty.  Lying to yourself is knocking your higher power out of your inner world.  Deceiving yourself cuts your connection temporally to the divine.  Being honest about how I feel is my constant struggle. The second law comes into play when I don't face my own inner truths.  I learn the hard way then and well thats never ever pretty.

5.  Anonymity.  This is a Law I have pulled from my twelve step learning's as the last one blends into that as well.  Witches and Addicts alike don't always want others to know about their chosen path.  These paths, as well as many others, are deeply personal and it's rude to call one out on their beliefs in front of people that may direct negative energy at them.  In the days of old, witches were hung for their beliefs.  It's serious stuff still today so be mindful of how you interact, in person and online with others.  In my excitement I still fall prey to this Law as a few others I am still working at.

6.  The Law of giving and receiving.  This is the Law I am most passionate about.  The 7th of the twelve traditions of NA speak of being fully self supporting and each meeting a basket is passed for people to put money in to keep the meetings alive.  My meeting barely survives.  An ancient spiritual rule was to donate 10% of your income to a spiritual cause as this kept the energy of money in constant motion and no one was poor because of it.  I put out as much as I can which is sometimes more then that percentage because I have seen how this comes back to me threefold.  I am fully self supporting today.  Taking this further also means energy and Love.  I still struggle with receiving energy and Love from those around me... working through it.

7.  The Power of Acceptance is a Spiritual Law I found online during my research that I loved and realize that I have been living recently.  If you have to fight for something, manipulate energy or overcome one too many obstacles to get to a goal.... it is not meant at this time for you.  It is not 'the work' we are talking about to achieve success.  The work is always internal work and then with that work comes the rewards in the external world.  You never have to force something that is meant for you.   .... This is a reminder for me in romantic relationships.

8. Seek your Life's Purposes.  Know your talents and share them.  Embrace your passions and seek an outlet for them.  Constantly keep learning and growing and relearn your new missions as you complete the old ones.  Life is a game.... enjoy it.

9.  The Law of Jesus says to be mindful of your earthly indulgences.  Overdoing anything fills that place of love with toxins and disconnects you from your source and your higher power.  We are meant to enjoy all the sensual pleasures of the earth... in moderation.  Anything above that moderation becomes a problem and addictions are seen as sinful and sin is an action of your lower self and not that of the light and higher self.

10.  The Last line of the Wiccan Rede states:  An ye harm none, do as ye will.

Those are my spiritual Laws that I try to live by.  They are not in any particular order.  They are not more important then the one after them.  They just are.  I am sure there are more I can add to the list but for now those are the one's that I am practicing now.  They all cover my morals and my integrity.  If I break one of these laws, spirit is very and I mean very quick to show me.  The counter balance to my action is felt almost instantly.  I am grateful for that, I prefer to face the consequences within the moment then to have to be a long term house guest of Hades again.

What are your Spiritual Laws?  What do you use to keep your actions in check?  What spiritual paths resonate with you?  What truths have you learned along the way?  This is by far my most favorite subject of all time... spirituality.  Such a mystical topic with absolutely no right or wrong answers.... just perspective.  A deeply controversial topic open for much debate.  I remember I used to love debating.  Hmmm.....something else I have recovered.

Happy trails my friends I hope your days have been interesting and filled with wondrous new learning's!

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